Manage Your Energy Costs

Craig Steinman

Energy Manager, Tenant Utility Billing

As an Energy Manager, our customers praise Craig for his perpetual accessibility, drive to go above and beyond, and ability to deliver on even last-minute requests. His unrivaled dedication does not stop there.  Craig is invested in the career development of each of his team members.  His even keeled persona helps him to resolve issues by focusing on finding the best solutions. Craig’s can-do attitude helps him take on multiple projects and drive them to completion making him stand out as a leader for the company.

Before joining Resource Energy, Craig worked in billing and account collections at Teksystems Global Services (“TKS”).  In an analyst role, Craig managed an Accounts Receivable Aging in excess of $5 million and compiled invoices for contractor services. While there, he focused on the implementation of process efficiencies, manuals, and documentation. Craig conducted training classes for new associates and teleconference trainings for field offices.

Craig is a graduate from University of MD, Baltimore County with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

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