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Energy Procurement

Our customized procurement strategies consider each client’s specific needs and risk tolerance to develop a diversified energy plan that maximizes benefits to the client.

Navigating the Energy Market

Energy costs are often one of the largest expenses a business owner faces. Doesn’t it make sense to explore your options? The deregulation of power and gas has created opportunities for businesses to manage their risk by contracting with energy suppliers under a variety of purchasing strategies. These opportunities are not without their complexities. That’s where Resource Energy comes in. We are a trusted energy partner who will help you navigate the ever-changing energy markets and create a risk management and mitigation strategy designed for you, as well as carefully recommend the energy supplier who best meets your unique needs.

Resource Energy, the proven industry leader for energy expense risk management, is uniquely positioned to help you identify energy savings and mitigate risk. A foundational plan starts with knowing where you are today, and Resource Energy can turn your data into actionable insight with an energy risk analysis.

The Four Fundamentals of Risk

Four Fundamentals of Risk
First, we talk to key decision makers and really get to know your company to fully understand your needs, your risk tolerance, and your business goals. Next, we analyze the best methods for mitigating your risk while maximizing efficiencies and cost control. Then we provide professional direction along each step of the procurement process. The result is a customized procurement plan fitted to the energy consumption and unique characteristics of your business. Whether you are concerned about market volatility or optimizing an energy strategy for your current business, we can design a plan that meets your needs.

Renewable Procurement

Sustainability is not just about energy efficiency and cutting costs. Companies today also believe in the importance of using sustainable sources of energy when they can. Resource Energy can help your company achieve cleaner energy usage through renewable energy procurement strategies tailored specifically for your business.

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