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Tenant Utility Billing

Accurate and defensible billing.

We know energy, but we also understand the complexities of property management. We help business owners bill master-metered utilities in the most accurate and cost effective manner. We use our proprietary software to factor in occupancy, rate, and usage changes to provide you with a calculated billing amount on a monthly basis. From there, we are able to leverage our vast amount of portfolio data across multiple geographic regions and similar properties to provide analysis on your expenses and recoveries.

We Take Tenant Utility Billing Off Your Desk

When you work with Resource Energy, we are your billing partner, removing the complexities of billing calculations, invoicing and client and/or tenant inquiries so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

How We Can Help


A primary concern among property owners is how to optimally yet cost-effectively redistribute utility costs to their tenants. Even the most sophisticated owners admit to the complexity of billing utilities.

Using our expertise, we carefully review your portfolio, evaluate your current method of billing, and present suggestions to improve processes. Sometimes a simple change can have a material impact on billing practices.

If individual tenant meters are absent from your property, it’s not the end of the world. Owners have trusted us to provide clear guidance on their submeter installations. If an installation is not in the budget, we have an alternative: our in-house experts can create tenant-specific load studies from space plans to estimate the monthly usage for each tenant. These methods create a scientific billing methodology that is both accurate and defensible.

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