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Customized options for your business.

We go beyond our core services to address the client’s specific needs. These needs can often be complex, whether it’s enrolling in a demand response program or implementing on-site generation. In these cases, Resource Energy offers highly specialized technical support. We’re here to provide proprietary and highly-customized solutions.

Demand Response

Utilities often struggle to meet peak or emergency demand levels that sometimes occur during extreme weather. As an alternative to building more plant capacity, they’ve designed demand response programs to compensate large-volume users who are willing to curtail their consumption during peak times, regardless of whether the reduction in energy use occurs. Resource Energy facilitates clients’ participation in these demand response programs, resulting in energy savings and additional revenue streams. It’s a relatively simple way for business owners to implement a green initiative while also providing added value.

Tariff Analysis

Resource Energy provides tariff analysis for all types of utility rates to be certain the business owner is being charged the appropriate amount under the correct tariff. This includes an in-depth analysis of the applicable tariff structure and a wide variety of potential opportunities and strategies for managing the cost of utilities.

Business owners and tenants who fail to periodically audit their tariff charges risk being overcharged year after year, impacting the bottom line. Resource Energy offers cost-effective solutions that provides significant value to our partners, often setting the conditions for substantial savings.

Utility Transfer Process & Deposit Recapture

When tenants occupy or vacate a space, Resource Energy is able to assist our clients with the transfer of utility accounts to ensure the responsible party is charged appropriately for the utilities. This includes contacting tenants upon move-in and providing them the necessary information to put the utility service in their name. We will also contact the utility to put a vacant space service into the landlord’s name. Resource Energy utilizes a customized workflow to ensure that all transfers are followed through to completion.

We can audit and monitor all client utility deposits which remain on hold by a servicing utility. We first determine the utility deposits remaining on hold for each client account. Then we work with the utility to reduce or remove the deposit, recapturing funds our clients can put to better use.

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