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JoAnne Smith

Talent Acquisition Manager

As the Talent Acquisition Manager, JoAnne is responsible for attracting superior talent to Resource Energy to meet the ongoing organization growth and business expansion. Her objective is to develop, implement and maintain a sustainable talent acquisition strategy.

Prior to joining Resource Energy, JoAnne served as a Talent Acquisition Leader at Integrace, Cielo and Ascension Health. As the Talent Acquisition Manager for Integrace, a company that oversees four continuous care retirement communities throughout Maryland and a Alzheirmer research Institute, she was responsible for attracting the best talent and acted as an advisor to leadership on recruitment and retention strategies.

At Cielo, she managed a team of recruiters and developed a tactical approach to staffing two large city hospitals serving both Baltimore and Washington, DC.

At Ascension Health, she served as a strategic business partner to the leadership team and also as the Human Resource Liaison to the colleague led Recruitment and Retention committee.

Her extensive career in HR, spanning twenty years, has allowed JoAnne to develop a keen understanding of Human Resources, recruitment and retention. JoAnne holds a Masters of Business Adminstration degree in Human Resource Management from Strayer University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in information Systems.

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