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Steven Schlussel


As President of Resource Energy Systems, Steven is responsible for establishing the company’s long-term objectives and strategic plan. Steven also plays a significant role in the company’s sales and marketing programs.  In addition, he leads the company’s efforts to articulate to commercial real estate owners the benefits of ESG reporting and frameworks, building decarbonization, GHG and energy tracking, sophisticated grid and renewable energy procurement practices and state of the art metering and billing processes.

Steven brings over thirty years of experience working with leading commercial real estate companies across the country.  In 1992, he founded International Environmental Management, Inc. (IEM), which provided waste and recycling management services across the nation to over five hundred regional shopping centers and their more than 50,000 tenants.  Five years after the sale of IEM to Charterhouse Group, in 2011 Steven started Keter Environmental Services, Inc. (“Keter”), which provided industry leading recycling programs and waste management services to commercial real estate across the United States, as well as a unique state of the art platform compiling dozens of key data points for each of the several hundred major properties serviced by Keter. Up until recently, Steven guided Keter in such roles as interim CEO and President subsequent to the sale of the company to TPG, and he continues to serve on the Board of Directors of Keter. 

Prior to starting IEM, Steven was a commercial real estate broker with Edward S. Gordon Co. He had also served as a Feasibility and Financial Analyst with the Advanced Weapons Development Authority (also known as Rafael) for the Government of Israel.

Steven has an undergraduate degree in Management and an MBA in Finance, both from New York University.

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